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Welcome to Beacon Hill!

The Beacon Hill neighborhood spans from 22nd St. to 31st St. and from Troost to the Paseo. Just southeast of downtown Kansas City, Beacon Hill offers quick access to Hospital Hill, the Crossroads arts district and highways connecting the metro area. The neighborhood is a combination of residential and commercial development with a diverse blend of new and established residents. Beacon Hill is one of Kansas City's most historic neighborhoods, with a mix of architectural styles revealing periods of development as far back as the nineteenth century.


The Beacon Hill Homeowners Association (HOA) was established in 2007 as part of a neighborhood revitalization project. Any Beacon Hill resident who owns property which was part of that scope—mainly north of 27th Street—will automatically belong to the Beacon Hill HOA. (Approximately 35% of Beacon Hill home owners belong to the HOA.) The HOA is governed by a volunteer board of directors elected by the membership. All members are subject to HOA By-laws and Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR), which contain information regarding members' responsibilities and yearly assessments. An Architectural Review Board (ARC), a three-member panel appointed by the HOA Board, oversees compliance with the CCR for new construction on HOA properties.


Meetings for HOA members are held annually each October when the HOA Board presents the yearly budget and provides a general neighborhood update. Board meetings are held as needed throughout the year and are open to all HOA members. Minutes from all meetings are published on this website.  


To contact the HOA Board, reach out to Lisa Stanley at Barnds Homes Association Management. Barnds is the central point of contact for members to report problems and make requests. Lisa's contact information can be found on this site's home page.


The Beacon Hill-McFeders Community Council is the neighborhood association serving all Beacon Hill residents. The Council, which formed in 1974, meets every two months to engage neighbors in creating a vibrant community. Residents wishing to join can contact the Beacon Hill-McFeders Community Council on Facebook or at: beaconhillmcfeders@yahoo.comA Neighborhood Engagement Team, comprised of members from both the HOA and Beacon Hill-McFeders, meet to plan occasional social gatherings to broaden neighborhood communication and goodwill. 

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